ETS Cable Cleats For West Of Shetland Gas Plant Serving Laggan And Tormore Fields

Cable cleats from leading power cable accessories supplier ETS have been installed at The Shetland Gas Plant which came into operation this week.

Even though the Laggan and Tormore vast reserves were discovered over 30 years ago, poor weather conditions have meant that up until now only oil was able to be extracted from the area.

Now Total with its partners have built the production system on the seabed 600m down,140km from land. Gas is taken back to land in one of the world’s longest “tieback” pipe networks to the Shetland plant for treatment. A pipeline carries the gas to the mainland and then into the national gas grid.

Energy To Two Million Homes

The Shetland Gas Plant development is said to be the biggest construction project in the UK since the London Olympics in 2012.

Cleats were specified by Petrofac, the EPC contractor. ETS supplied the cleats through Petrofac’s appointed sub-contractor.

The new plant is capable of delivering energy to two million homes (about 8% of the UK’s gas needs) and will handle each day 500 million standard cubic feet of gas.

ETS Major Projects Manager, Matt Taylor, said:

“We were pleased to be chosen as a supply partner for this high profile development at The Shetland Gas Plant. This once again is a reflection of our high quality service that we always strive to deliver.”

ETS have worked closely with cleat manufacturer Ellis on a number of projects across different sectors. In April last year, the partners helped restore power back to the West End after a major underground fire.

Cleats supplied for The Shetland Gas Plant development included:

 VRT Vulcan Cable Cleat
Vulcan Cable Cleats
 Emperor Cleat
Emperor Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleats

ETS are leading stockists and distributors of LV, MV and HV power cable accessories and electrical equipment for the utilities markers.


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Main image by kind permission of the Shetland Times.