Electrical Cable Lugs and Connectors

Choosing the correct products for any power cable installation project is absolutely critical if you’re going to deliver a secure electrical connection. ETS Cable Components is a leading supplier of cable accessories like electrical cable lugs and connectors in the UK and Europe. We keep an expansive range of products including: pre-insulated terminals, low and medium voltage copper lugs, solid pin lugs, aluminium lugs, bi-metallic lugs, two-bolt & 4 bolt transformer lugs, low and medium voltage mechanical connectors, and split bolt connectors. View our range of electrical lugs below.
About Our Electrical Cable Lugs
Cable terminals and cable lugs are an integral part of an electrical installation and we have supplied these products for over 30 years. During this time we have only worked with leading manufacturers, such as Cembre, Klauke, Nexans-GPH and Pfisterer SICON. In addition to supplying electrical lugs, we also provide the crimping tools for use with these, which are available to buy or hire - Crimping tool hire here. Hire tools can be delivered throughout the UK on a next day basis along with either dies to suit specific cable conductor sizes, or a full set.
ETS supplies a wide selection of compression connectors, cable lugs and splices suitable for use on LV-HV copper and aluminium cables up to 33kV. Whilst a cable lug or splice is often the last component to be installed as part of the cable termination or jointing process, it’s not just a case of affixing a lug to a conductor, as it’s crucial that the connection is installed correctly. The BS7609 standard highlights the code of practice for the installation and inspection of uninsulated compression and mechanical connectors for power cables with copper or aluminium conductors. ETS supplies products from leading cable lug manufacturers and one of our longest-standing manufacturer partners is Cembre, who advocates the ‘Match’ system which they also refer to as the 4M rule. How to use our cable lugs  1) Measure & prepare the cable Use an approved conductor which has been correctly prepared to ensure that the strip length of the insulation has been measured so that it is equal to the barrel length of the lug and has been cut squarely at the end 2) Material Composition Control Ensure the copper content of the lug results in a performance which matches or exceeds the current carrying capacity of the conductor, and that the manufacturer's logo, product type, and conductor size, are clearly marked on the lug.  3) Matching Choose a manufacturer providing crimp tooling, die set and lugs, matched to work together to give assured crimping performance 4) Marking Each cable lug should be clearly marked with a reference on the barrel or palm, which enables the user to verify that the lug selected is the correct size and type for the conductor. The manufacturer's name or logo should also be visible allowing the correct die set and crimp tools to be selected from their recommended list. Further information on the Cembre matched system can be found here.

Why ETS Components?

ETS Cable Components have been trading since 1988 and our staff have been hand picked with many coming from an installation and manufacturing background within the electrical industry. This means that we understand our electrical lug product ranges and their application, so we’re in a great position to advise you on our range of cable lugs. We keep extensive stocks and are able to deliver on a next day basis throughout the UK. In addition, we also hold stock in Ireland and The Netherlands to service delivery requirements throughout Europe and beyond. As well as supplying cable lugs, we also stock a full range of cable termination products, including cable glands and cable accessories - as well as full Termination kits for higher voltage cables. For more advice about our range of cable lugs and terminal products speak to our sales team today on +44 208 405 6789 or contact us via sales@etscablecomponents.com. Alternatively, simply search and select your products, then add them to the quote request form. Once this is submitted, we will then return a quote detailing prices and stock availability.