ETS Cable Components are distributors of Powersafe 500amp and 800amp High-Current Separable Connectors.
POWERSAFE high-current connectors from Phase 3 Ltd are used throughout the Low Voltage temporary power generation industry to connect LV generators to load (drain) equipment.
The compact design and high current capacity has now led to these products being adopted by the Military, vessel wiring, rail, dockside, data centre and entertainment industries, anywhere where a high-current and reliable, locked LV equipment connection is required.
The POWERSAFE range is inter-mateable with the original VEAM Powerlock product, but a redesign of the active contact element and superior materials and construction has led to a range of products with up-rated current carrying capacity and higher short-circuit capability. This makes the POWERSAFE product range the highest current-rated connector system of its type available on the market today.