ETS Delivers Wide Range Of Materials To Limeburner Lane Substation

ETS has been supplying a wide range of materials for London’s Limeburner Lane substation re-development, which is now nearing completion.

The modernisation – switching from 33/11kV to a higher capacity 132/11kV substation – will free up capacity on the 33kV network and allow greater load growth to be catered for.

The substation will be fed from a loop-in loop-out arrangement from existing 132kV cables installed in the City Road to the Bankside deep cable tunnel.

Materials supplied included:

3M Three Core Joint 10 Nexans Separable Connector
3M 11kV Cold Shrink Three-Core Straight Joint Kits Nexans Euromold Separable Connectors such as the
400LR 400A 36kV U-Max Plug-In Elbow Connector Kit

Emperor Cleat



Single Bolt Cable Lugs

Cleats including Emperor Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleats Lugs such as ETS Single Bolt Copper Cable Lugs
Bare Copper Earth Tape  


Cembre B1350 CE-Crimping Tool

Bare Copper Earth Tape Cembre B1350-CE Battery Operated Crimping Tool


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