New Power Cable Accessories Brochures

Three brochures designed to help our customers easily find their required power cable accessories have been launched.

Cable Cleats covers fire proof cables, London Underground installations, higher short circuit withstand requirements, Utility/DNO installations, power generation markets and bespoke applications.

Medium Voltage Terminations & Joints includes: 11kV – 33kV Heatshrink, 11kV – 52kV 3M Coldshrink, Euromold separable connectors, Pfisterer inner cone plugs and MV Cable preparation tools.

The third brochure – Crimping & Cutting Tools for Hire – sets out ETS’ hydraulic crimp tools for hire, battery operated hydraulic crimp tools and cable handling equipment. Our crimping and cutting tools for hire can also be found on our website.

The new brochures complement this website which was recently launched. The website provides a comprehensive range of quality products which are frequently added to. Data sheets for products included in the brochures are available to download from our website.

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Cable Cleats
Including cleats for:
» Fire proof cables
» London Underground installations
» Higher fault levels
» Utility markets
» Power generation markets
» Bespoke applications
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Crimping & Cutting Tools for Hire
» Hydraulic crimp tools for hire
» Battery operated hydraulic crimp tools
» Cable handling equipment
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Medium Voltage Terminations & Joints
» 11/33 kV Heatshrink
» 11/52kV 3M Coldshrink
» Euromold separable connectors
» Pfisterer inner cone plugs
» MV Cable preparation tools
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