ETS Cable Components are the leading stockists and distributors of CMP cable glands.

Whether commercial/industrial, hazardous area, marine or contaminated areas, CMP Products have a full range of cable glands to suit all cable types, armoured and unarmoured.

CMP glands are considered market leading and represent one of the safest products on the market, designed to minimise installer error.

One of the areas for concern with all cable glands is the quality of the material from which they are manufactured. In order to guarantee reliability and longevity of operation, CMP Products exclusively source raw materials from reputable European manufacturers. The brass used conforms strictly to European Standard EN12168, specification CW614N and commonly referred to as “high grade marine brass”. The quality of CMP glands are demonstrated by the myriad of third-party approvals which have been granted.

ETS offer a wide variety of CMP glands from stock with both PVC shrouds, or LSF kits with genuine LSF Zero Halogen (LSZH) sealing rings and shrouds.

CMP SoLo LSF glands meet London Underground Engineering Standard 1-085 and are LUL approved.

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