When Lightning Strikes!

Ensure you have first-class lightning protection

In the event of over-voltage lightning strikes, it is vital that critical systems and buildings are protected. The first step is to create a methodical and comprehensive lightning protection plan.

Currently there is not a single piece of equipment that is able to eradicate the damaging effects of lightning, so an efficient lightning protection plan will need to involve the integration of several concepts. nVent ERICO has developed the Six Point Plan of Protection:

1. Capture the lightning strike
2. Convey this energy to ground
3. Dissipate the energy into the grounding system
4. Bond all ground points together
5. Protect incoming AC power feeders
6. Protect low-voltage data/telecommunications circuits

This plan will help to ensure all aspects of potential damage are considered, ranging from the initial and more obvious direct strike through to the voltage reduction at service entry points.

Lightning is highly unpredictable, and as the city landscape continues to change, protection that treats this as a constant risk is required. At ETS, we stock an extensive range of Earthing and Lightning Protection products from market leading suppliers like nVent ERICO to help reduce the hazards from this stunning yet lethal phenomenon.

All lightning protection systems must be able to capture the strike, control the passage and ensure the energy is expended into the grounding system and bond all ground points. This minimises the risks of damage to the building; equipment downtime; fire and injury.

The majority of lightning strikes contains negative charge, but around 10% of flashes are positive, and although rare, these positive strikes are much more dangerous. Without proper safeguarding of this type of lightning energy, the damage can be disastrous.

In order for lightning protection to be effective, attention to earthing is required. Read our blog on the Characteristics of a Good Earthing System to find out more.

Lightning strikes across the world

nVent ERICO has a proven track record of protecting many high risk and iconic buildings from lightning strikes, including the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand. Standing at an impressive 328 metres tall, the Sky Tower survived over 16 lightning strikes!

The Bank of China in Hong Kong has withstood more than 100 direct strikes, whilst the Centrepoint Tower in Sydney continued operations without damage or downtime even after over 40 strikes of lightning, all since installing lightning protection systems from nVent ERICO. For more information on other amazing landmarks nVent ERICO has helped protect, click here.

If you need further advice on lightning protection, contact us on 020 8405 6789 or email us sales@etscablecomponents.com