Double Acclaim for the No Bolts cleat!

Award-winning No Bolts cleat chosen for the £800m London Waterloo upgrade

The newly launched “No Bolts” cleat has recently won an innovation award and has also been specified on a major Network Rail Station upgrade project, all within a few weeks.

Cable cleats are used to restrain power cables and the No Bolts product is the first cleat not to use the traditional fixing method of using threaded rod, nuts and washers, meaning a much quicker and less labour intensive installation process.

Released in 2016 as a joint initiative between ETS Cable Components, Ellis Patents and Network Rail, the cleat was named Innovative Industrial Product of the Year at the Electrical Industry Awards. The event, which is run by leading trade publication, Electrical Times, saw the No Bolts cleat selected from a short list of six to receive the much sought after accolade.

Proposed London Waterloo New Terminal

London Waterloo station (above image of proposed new terminal), which is the UK’s busiest rail terminal, is the first project where the cleat is being installed. It was chosen due to the clear time saving advantages and intrinsic safety benefits that the cleat possesses over other proposed products. The joint venture Project team were sold on the values from a very early stage and were keen to see the product installed on their prestige project.

Kevin Moloney, Director of ETS, said ‘It was a product design that was driven forward by Network Rail and in particular by Program Engineering Manager, Dave Barnes, who contacted me initially to ask if we could help design a new cleating product that would help alleviate a health and safety issue. It’s a great testament to the work of all of those involved to see an award like this and to see the product accepted for use, so soon after launching’.

No Bolts cleat

This range of cleats requires no conventional fixings to supporting steel-work. The design also allows for additional cleats to be stacked on top of one another with nothing more than a small turn of a unique fixing lock.

Key features:

  • Stackable design for multiple cable runs
  • No risk of damaging cable
  • Range suits Ø18-Ø55mm single cables
  • No metal parts
  • No tools required
  • Fast installation

It is manufactured from a high strength nylon specifically formulated to meet the London Underground 1-085 approved specification.

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Watch a video on the No Bolts cleat here.