New To The O&M Solar Market – The EmaZys PV Analyzer Z100

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ETS Cable Components are proud to introduce to the O&M Solar market, the EmaZys PV Analyzer Z100.

The PV Analyzer Z100 is a new and innovative measuring device which is able to quickly and efficiently locate a wide range of defects in solar cell panels. Extensive field tests prior to the launch have shown that service engineers are able to save up to 40% of their fault-finding time.

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By using the new PV Analyzer Z100 you can easily locate problems in PV Strings, shorten downtime and reduce maintenance and troubleshooting costs dramatically.

The PV Analyser Z100 enables:

  • Precise fault location in all types of PV arrays and related cabling.
  • All weather diagnostic measurement possible with a minimum of daylight intensity of 100W/m2 extending your O&M season.
  • Reduces maintenance and troubleshooting costs dramatically and simplifies the service operation at the PV installation site.


  • Location of open bypass diodes
  • Location of shorted bypass diodes
  • Location of high series resistance and disconnects
  • Measuring insulation resistance
  • Location of insulation faults/ R iso
  • Measuring string/panel open circuit voltage
  • Measuring string/panel short circuit current
  • Checking string polarity
  • Distinguishing multiple strings
  • Measuring string impedance curve
  • An integrated timer function for periodic faults

Here’s What A Previous User Thought:

“The Z100 saves us enormous amount of time when troubleshooting big PV systems. It is easy to operate by all our technicians, and there is really no need for advanced knowledge when working with the instrument. The product is simple and compact, and it is a clear benefit that we can use it for detecting periodic isolation faults.”

Kent Cording, Project Manager SDK.

On-Site and Real-Time Demonstrations

ETS Cable Components can offer on-site real-time demonstrations to show first-hand the advantageous capabilities of the EmaZys PV Analyzer Z100. View product information here.

Please contact one of our Solar Product specialists for more information or to arrange an on-site demonstration:

Thomas Colledge – 07774 678689 –
Ben Hancock – 07817 580341 –