Simple Ways To Reduce Buried Cable Risks Such As Warning Tape For Underground Cable

Warning tape for underground cable and other ways for reducing risks from buried cables. In urban areas, it is common practice to bury power cables underground. Not only can this help to minimise cable damage during laying, but also it reduces the risk of cables being disturbed in future.

Unfortunately, burying cables can cause issues in its own right. There’s a chance that the cables will inadvertently be struck during later works which could cause a break in electrical supply to the immediate area and, at worse, lead to serious injury and even death.

HSE Guidance

The HSE have warned the construction industry of the need to be more aware of the dangers of working in the vicinity of live underground services following a number of incidents recently. The Government Department gives guidance on laying underground cables. This includes:

  • Planning the work
  • Locating and identifying buried services
  • Safe excavation

Simple preventative steps of marking where cables are buried can help to protect underground power cables from being accidentally being disturbed.

Warning Tape For Underground Cable

ETS offers a wide range of quality markers and tiles for underground cables. These include tiles with the words “DANGER” printed on the apex and warning tape for underground cable such as the 60micron thick PVC Trace-Tape 1.  Its’ two stainless steel wires means that the tape can potentially be found by a cable avoidance tool (CAT). Our underground warning tapes are suitable for marking buried HV, MV and LV electrical power and telecommunication cables.

Taking precautions of marking underground cables can not only reduce disruption but could prevent serious injury or death.


Cable Markers & Tiling

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The HSE guidance for avoiding danger from underground services can be found here.