Correct Way For Crimping Cable Lugs From TV Show Wheeler Dealers

Crimping cable lugs incorrectly can be disastrous and potentially be a fire risk. In this clip from Wheeler Dealers (Season 12, Episode 16 1958 Citroen HY van) presenter Ed China shows the correct way to crimp cable lugs.

Ed uses a complete matched system from the same manufacturer (the crimp terminal, hydraulic battery crimper and die set). In this example, Ed uses Cembre products. However, similar matched systems are available.

It would always be ETS’s recommendation that a matched system is used. This is because the profile of the die set is designed to suit the barrel of the terminal and tooling. If it is not a matched system, this could lead to over or under crimping of the terminal both of which could lead to problems. See our article on how to perform the perfect crimp.

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Clip supplied with kind permission from the Discovery Channel.