Q&A: Are bushing extenders available for Euromold Interface C bushings?


Are bushing extenders available for the Nexans Euromold Interface ‘C’ bushings? I have noted extenders are available for Interface D and E bushings but cannot find any examples for the interface C range.


Unfortunately 400series bushing extenders do not exist. Being a European-designed product, it as always felt that sufficient control could be exerted over equipment manufacturers to negate the need for such a product. Unfortunately that hasn’t always worked and Nexans Euromold were forced some years ago to come up with a solution which is:

– Use a 400series tee connector, i.e. (K)400TB, for which Euromold produce an insulated rod/contact assembly to take the place of the cable which would normally be present.
– The bushing is then “extended” by using a conventional (K)400CP connecting plus and thread assembly.

Euromold 400 series bushing extension solution

Although it doesn’t look conventional, it is however the only solution and usually available within a few weeks, from ETS Cable Components.

Please note that this solution is only valid up to 24kV maximum.

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