The Do’s and Don’ts of Terminating Cables

The safe and correct working of accessories used for cable terminations is dependent upon many issues from the correct specification of the product through to competent installation. The following is a list of (maybe obvious) do’s and don’ts which should be adhered to.

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The “Do’s” of Cable Terminations

– Do ensure the correct products are specified – such as ColdShrink, Heatshrink or Screened Connectors.
– Do check associated products are compatible and safe to be used together.
– Do check the accessories and cable dimensions match.
– Do ask the manufacturer or distributor for more information on the product is required.
– Do prepare the cable and accessories in a suitable environment (clean and dry).
– Do ensure all staff are trained and competent to carry out the termination.
– Do use the correct tools for the job.
– Do ensure these tools are properly maintained and functioning properly.
– Do make sure the cable lugs/terminals are installed correctly – for crimp connectors, ensure the correct die sets and compatible tooling.
– Do smooth any sharp edges on lugs caused by crimping dies.
– Do read and follow installation instructions carefully.
– Do not forget to install the earthing system correctly.
– Do ensure heat shrink and cold shrink components are correctly positioned before shrinking or removal of cores.
– Do fully test the terminations after installation.

The “Don’ts” of Cable Terminations

– Don’t rush any part of the job.
– Don’t cut corners or take short cuts.
– Don’t allow sheds on adjacent cores of a three-core termination to touch – This can lead to discharging.
– Don’t allow any secondary wiring to be damaged when installing heat shrink sleeving.

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