Understanding Switchgear and Equipment Bushings

In recent years there has been a large influx of European switchgear. This has often lead to confusion about the type of switchgear being used and the switchgear bushing to which the cables are to be terminated.

Correct cable terminations

This has led to the discovery of conventional heat shrink terminations being used incorrectly in instances where the bushings were compatible with CENELEC style separable connectors, E.g. Pfisterer CONNEX and Euromold connectors. This can lead to delays on site in sourcing the correct cable termination type, not to mention the practical difficulties and increased costs in re-terminating the cables.

Specify the correct equipment

One of the ways to avoid this issue is to cross check the cable termination specified with a database of equipment manufacturers, ensuring that the termination type sourced is completely suitable for your switchgear bushing. This can be a lengthy process if the relevant information isn’t readily available.

Therefore, ETS Cable Components are able to offer this service using our expansive database of switchgear and bushing equipment and equipment manufacturers to insure the correct equipment is matched at tender stage.

The advantages of this bushing selection service being:

  • Correct costs for termination materials.
  • Compatibility with the cables being used.
  • Accurate installation costs.
  • Reduction in lost time on site.
  • Happier clients!

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Switchgear Familiarisation Training

Additionally, we are able to offer familiarisation training for your installation team, on-site support and the technical expertise you would expect from one of the UK’s leading cable accessory distributors.

Please contact Nick Timms for more information on sourcing the correct terminations and connectors.

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