Fire Resistant Cleats for Fire Performance Cable

There are two types of fire performance cables currently on the market, flame retardant and fire resistant. The ‘normal’ type of fire performance cables are considered flame retardant, giving off low smoke emissions when subject to a fire, but only have a limited performance against sustained exposure to flames. The other type of cable is classed as fire resistant and will continue to operate for a period of time while exposed to fire.

In recent years there has been a large increase in the number of projects and developments that have been using Fire Performance cables. These cables are used within vital emergency systems and are designed to continue to work during a fire outbreak, powering smoke extractors, fire-fighting lifts and emergency lighting systems.

The cable fire test, BS8491, ensures that cables are able to hold up against direct flame, mechanical impact and water spray for a designated amount of time. The cables are clasified F30, F60 or F120, representing the length of time, in minutes, of the fire test.

Fire rated cleats to match the cables

In the past, as there has been no agreed test for a cleat to go through in order to rate its performance in a fire. Typically cast iron cleats have been used due to their high melting point, this has been considered enough to provide the necessary safety reassurances.

The downfall to this strategy is that iron is an expensive material and so makes cable cleats extremely costly, along with a slow manufacturing process and a heavy and brittle end product. These factors, added to the growing demand for fire performance cables, has increased the need for buyers and contractors to seek an effective solution.

Phoenix Cable Cleat and Fire Performance Cable Test: BS8491

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A New Product Opportunity

The fireproof Phoenix Cable Clamps represent a solution to this problem. The cleat meets the required criteria called for by independent testing to BS8491:2008 (F120) where the cleats were subjected to an average temperature of 839 degree Celsius for 120 minutes. The Phoenix fire rated cleat was granted LUL approval for use on the London Underground (LUL Enginerring Standard 1-085 & Approved Products Register 1661) last year.

ETS Cable Components worked with Ellis Patents with the design of the product after seeing an opportunity through the increased use of fire performance cables in major new developments. The phoenix clamp is manufactured from marine grade 316L stainless steel, which was chosen primarily due to its high melting point, but also due to its high strength, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

We stock a full range of LU approved Phoenix Cable Clamps to accommodate all sizes of fire resistant cable from all cable manufacturers. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

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