Why Choose One Of Our Battery Operated Crimpers?

Why Choose One Of Our Battery Operated Crimpers?

Battery Operated Crimpers

ETS Cable Components stock a wide range of hydraulic and battery operated crimpers to choose from, including a range from Cembre. We can provide options to either hire short or long term and buy depending on the required usage.

Cembre are one of the leading manufacturers of electrical compression connectors and related installation tooling. Highly innovative, the brand aims to make products which are simpler, safer and more comfortable to use, along with more efficient.

There are many advantages to choosing a battery operated crimping tool, including the fact they’re fast, easier to transport and ideal for jobs where space is limited.

Battery operated crimpers also reduce the force the tool operator needs to use. This means they’re less likely to result in repetitive strain injuries.  

Among our range, you’ll find Cembre’s latest cordless hydraulic crimping tools which have significantly evolved since older models.

These include the Cembre B500E Battery Operated Crimping Tool. This crimper has a new LED display which shows real-time operating information data, such as the crimping force generated, battery power status, and crimp operations remaining until the next service. It comes with two 18v batteries which offer much higher capacity than previous 14.4V versions

Cembre’s crimping tools are made to protect electrical engineers and cable jointers against accidental contact with live energised conductors. Furthermore, they are balanced for ease of use with double speed crimping action. 

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