What Is A Top Hat Cable Gland?

What Is A Top Hat Cable Gland?

Top Hat Glands

Tubular gland kits, also known as “Top Hat” Glands (also referred to as Heat Shrink Glands and Cold Shrink Glands) are cable accessories that are often supplied as part of a medium voltage termination kit.

Often manufactured from tubular galvanised mild steel, or aluminium sheet, they provide an effective moisture seal around the cable outer sheath, earth the cable armour wires and provide a means of grounding solderless earth braids.

ETS Cable Components will provide these glands with termination kits that we supply from manufacturers such 3M and Nexans. The 3M version, as with their termination, will be a ‘Cold Shrink’ Gland.

Standard Nexans Heat Shrink Gland Kits that we stock include:

  • HSGK 1 – manufactured from galvanised sheet steel, these are suitable for 16-95mm, 3 core, SWA cables rated up to 17.7kV.
  • HSGK 2 – also made from galvanised sheet steel, suitable for all larger 3 core, SWA cables up to 36kV.
  • HSGK 3 – manufactured from aluminium alloy and supplied in sets of 3 phases, these are suitable for single core AWA cables up to 36kV.
  • HSGK 2-Triplex – made from galvanised sheet steel and designed for use with Triplex single core cables being terminated into a single equipment opening.

For more information, download our datasheet here.

The 3M range of Cold Shrink Gland Kits, consists of MTHG 1 and MTHG 2 which are made from tubular galvanised mild steel and cover a range of 3 core, SWA cables up to 36kV. Plus, the aluminium CSGK 3 is suitable for single core (1 core), AWA cables up to 36kV.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 8405 6789 or email: sales@etscablecomponents.com. We’re always happy to help find the correct products to meet your project needs.