Unbeatable Flexibility With Flexicon Conduits

Unbeatable Flexibility With Flexicon Conduits

ETS Unbeatable Flexibility With Flexicon Conduits

Flexicon produce a wide range of flexible conduit and pliable conduit systems, including both metallic and non-metallic systems. Their products are widely used in hazardous areas, the food and beverage sector, and the renewable energy field.

Flexicon flexible conduit systems are the result of world-class technological expertise and are suitable for some of the most demanding and hazardous markets, including the rail; transport; renewables; utilities and petrochemical markets.

ETS Cable Components are approved stockists and distributors of Flexicon flexible conduit systems, fittings and accessories, with products to suit a wide range of different applications, including commercial, industrial, rail/mass transit and EXD hazardous areas. They are frequently used for skids, control boxes and panels, accommodation uses and CCTV or Communication systems.

There are many advantages to using a flexible conduit, including the fact they can terminate cables in one application, improve ease of cable terminations, are suitable for small enclosures and can give EMC screening with braided conduit types.

Among our collection of Flexicon products are the Liquid-Tight Flexible Conduits, such as the TPE Conduit which offer high mechanical strength and flexibility, excellent temperature tolerances and resistance to oil, greases and UV. This type of conduit is frequently found in installations where low and high temperatures are required, such as the food processing industry.

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