UK Suppliers of Cable Identification Products

UK Suppliers of Cable Identification Products

Long-term maintenance of cables is an essential part of working in the electrical industry and cable markers make carrying out such procedures much easier.

ETS Cable Components are one of the leading UK suppliers of cable identification products, offering all the accessories needed to quickly and efficiently identify cables.

Why is cable identification important?

Cable markers are particularly useful in industries where change is constant and new equipment is regularly installed, which in turn means new cabling is required. It also makes it much easier to troubleshoot and carry out electrical maintenance procedures with greater ease.

Clearly identifiable cables also lead to more effective audit compliance and quality assurance, enabling a contractor working on a particular site, to meet project warranty requirements.

Print your cable markers with the Cembre MARKINGenius 3

Our range of cable identification products includes: conventional ‘push on’ type markers for a range of conductor sizes, along with stainless steel products for hazardous area applications. In recent years, there has been a real growth in PC driven automated marking systems. One such product, is the Cembre MARKINGenius 3: a high-resolution marking system designed to meet all requirements for equipment identification.

This product is compact, quiet and extraordinarily easy to use. High speed printing is also complimented by long life ribbons which are capable of printing more than 150,000 cable tags with no maintenance. Markers can also be printed using Windows True Type fonts in black or a choice of 4,000 colours. 

Established in 1969, Cembre has both an Italian plant and a second design and manufacturing facility near Birmingham in the UK. Cembre’s engineering, designers and technicians are passionate about producing technologically advanced products that are highly reliable and easy-to-use.

ETS will gladly arrange to demonstrate the capabilities of the Cembre MARKINGenius, either at your office or on site. We can also provide our own in house printing service, just by working with your cable schedule in an excel format.

Call us on 020 8405 6789 or email: to arrange a demonstration now. Alternatively, find out more about ETS Cable Components as a UK supplier of identification products and other power cable accessories.