Trusted Suppliers Of Quality Cable Markers

Trusted Suppliers Of Quality Cable Markers

Cable Makers

The use of cable markers can save so much time, hassle and stress. When your cables are well-marked, they make electrical work much safer for everybody and reduce the risk of mistakes, making it much easier to make corrections in the future.

All cable installations should be labelled: it’s not only practical, but makes your work look much more professional.  Although many amateurs skip this critical step, they often regret it in the future when reworking cables becomes difficult.

ETS Cable Components can supply all the products needed to make this procedure much easier and quicker, including a choice of cable markers and cable marking machines that satisfy all the requirements of the electrical industry.

Among our range is an efficient cable marking machines that’s a great investment for all kinds of businesses.

The MARKINGenius 3 is a PC driven, high resolution desktop printer with an automated marking system. Compact, quiet and easy to use, this cable marking machine will become a reliable companion for this type of work.  

It is designed exclusively by Cembre for the identification of conductors and electrical components and can easily be stored in any office space. With over 4,000 colours to choose from for your markers, including Windows True Type fonts in black, you can easily differentiate between cables.