The Advantages of Coldshrink Termination Kits

The Advantages of Coldshrink Termination Kits

As the inventors of coldshrink technology, 3M have spent over 60 years developing innovative solutions to enhance your safety and productivity.

At ETS Cable Components we have a range of coldshrink termination kits from 3M, including single-core and three-core terminations for both outdoor and indoor applications. This revolutionary alternative to traditional heat shrink terminations can be installed more quickly and offers many other benefits too.

Perfect for medium and high voltage connections, cold shrink technology can be easier to install in tight spaces or during inclement weather.

It’s also extremely easy to learn how to use this type of technology. In contrast, heat shrink installations are dependent on the skills of the installer and require you to have torch and hot work permits.

Faster, easier installation with superior environmental sealings.

The installation of cold shrink technology does not require special equipment or permits, helping you achieve improved efficiency. It also provides long-term reliability thanks to having a superior environmental sealing.

Our products include coldshrink termination kits suitable for Network Rail PADS approval, which are perfect for indoor and outdoor exposed environments, such as overhead line networks.

ETS Cable Components are also a supplier of Single-core 52-72kV Cold Shrink QTIII 3M termination kits suitable for numerous overhead line and rail applications.

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