Switchroom Earthbars

Switchroom Earthbars

Switchroom Earthbars

Earth bars are commonly used for the purpose of providing an earthing point for electrical installations. Switchroom earthbars offer high conductivity and they are suitable for a wide range of applications including new build developments such as office; hospitals; data centres; large retail outlets as well as industrial developments. Switchroom earthbars are also popular for using on large scale commercial rail projects.

Our products

At ETS Cable Components, we have a wide range of switchroom earthbars, which are made from copper with a high conductivity and purity content of more than 99.9%. The copper earth bars are fully assembled and can be immediately installed to meet your electrical installation needs.

If you need switchroom earthbars, we will be happy to assist you. We can offer a bespoke service to suit your needs and we will take into account your individual sizing, fixing materials and channel base requirements before we supply these to you.

See our range of switchroom earthbars or find more power cable components for your sector.

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Our sales team are more than happy to have a chat with you about what you are looking for and how we might be able to assist you. If you would like to talk through your requirements in more detail, give us a call on 020 8405 6789. Alternatively, feel free to drop us an email at sales@etscablecomponents.com, we’re here to help.

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