Supplying The Best Power Cable Repair Products

Supplying The Best Power Cable Repair Products

Power Cable Repair Products

Cable sheath damage occurs for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s due to oil, fire or accidental service damage. Whatever the reasons, ETS Cable Components have all the products you need to make speedy and effective repairs.

At ETS Cable Components, we are always happy to find the correct repair products to fulfil your requirements.

Power cable repair products should be safe, easy-to-use and suitable for the environment you’re working in.

Ultimately, they should make repairing power cables much quicker and easier, and provide long-lasting, effective results, improving both the electrical and mechanical condition of low and high voltage cables.

Our collection houses Heat Shrink and Cold Shrink Cable Joints from trusted and renowned brands including 3M and Birkett.

We have an extensive stock of power cable repair products, from low voltage cable joints, oversleeving to cable jointing accessories to suit your project needs.

Our range includes the Heat Shrink Cable Sheath Repair Sleeves which are designed for cable outer sheath repairs. These SWRS adhesive-lined, heat-shrinkable wraparound repair sleeves offer quick repairs to damaged cable jackets on power cables at any voltage. Suitable for use with cable joints and additionally provides corrosion protection to the cable’s armouring, providing a water-tight seal around the cable outer sheath.

Among our products you’ll find a comprehensive range of Heat Shrink Sleeving in multitudinous widths.

Highly flexible, this zero-halogen sleeving is suitable for colour coding, phase identification or additional insulation on LV power cables up to 1000v AC.

Our power cable repair products also include LV Heat Shrink Mouldings, including both medium and thick-wall heat shrink tubes. Thick-walled sealant lined tubes are suitable for providing insulation or additional corrosion protection in extreme installation environments.

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