Suppliers Of Separable Connectors From Nexans Euromold

Suppliers Of Separable Connectors From Nexans Euromold

ETS_Separable Connector

At ETS Cable Components we have hundreds of power cable accessories to make your life easier and equipment much safer and more efficient, including a range of separable connectors.

Offering quick, easy and safe installations, Nexans separable connectors can optimise your performance.  Designed to connect polymeric insulated cable to equipment like transformers, switchgear and motors, separable connectors are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Nexan’s separable connectors have a thick conductive jacket that make them extremely safe for personnel to install. 

A supplier with over 30 years of experience, ETS Cable Components offer a wide range of screen separable connectors from Nexans Euromold and Elastimold, a leading manufacturer of prefabricated terminations suitable for Medium Voltage applications up to 42kV.

We offer screened separable connectors for the five main bushing interfaces: A, B, C, D & E. Rated for terminations up to 42kV.

Meanwhile, Elastimold separable screen connectors are ideal for ANSI-style Interface D and E bushings, in particular for MV applications up to 36kV. Among this range is the Nexans Euromold U-Max Bolted Tee Connector Kit, which is ideal for connecting all polymeric screened cables to 700 series. This type of separable connector is ideal for outdoor applications and for multiple connections to a single bushing.

For more information, check out our range of separable connectors today.