Suppliers Of Heatshrink Termination Products

Suppliers Of Heatshrink Termination Products

Heatshrink Termination

ETS Cable Components are a trusted stockist and supplier of Nexans Power Accessories, including their range of heatshrink termination products.

Our stick profile includes single-core & three-core MV heatshrink termination kits which are suitable for 11-33kV applications as well as indoor & outdoor options.

More about Nexans.

A global player in the cable and fibre industry, Nexans create products which improve every day life and are described as ‘actively shaping the world of tomorrow’. In 2013 they became the first cable provider to create a foundation supporting sustainable initiatives to disadvantages communities all over the world.

Founded in 2000, Nexans products are used in four main industries: buildings & territories, high voltage & projects, data & telecoms, along with industry & solutions. These cover sectors including: renewable energies, railways / rolling stock and the aeronautical sector. Although it was officially formed in 2000, the company’s history can be traced back to the early part of the 20th century.

Discover a wide range of the highest quality heat shrink termination products from Nexans at ETS Cable Components.

Our products include Nexans 11-33kV XLPE Single-Core Overhead Line Heat Shrink Termination Kits which deliver a long-term performance and reliability. These heat shrinkable kits are designed for pole-mounted connections to overhead-line power networks, or exposed equipment bushings in protected outdoor environments. 

Why not check out our range of heatshrink termination products today?