Superior Connections with Cadweld Molds

Superior Connections with Cadweld Molds

Superior Connections with Cadweld Molds

Among our thousands of products at ETS Cable Components you’ll find Cadweld Molds and Clamps that can provide electrically superior-connections between different metals.

Cadweld molds are the quickest and most efficient way to make connections at power substations or other commercial or industrial sites, with two-piece molds enabling you to make connections in a trench in half the time expected normally.

More about the brand.

Cadweld is a subsidiary of nVent ERICO who were founded in 1903 as the Electric Railway Improvement Company, specialising in arc-welded rail bonding for the railway and bonding industries. nVent ERICO Cadweld was established in 1939 when the company completed the development and patenting of the nVent ERICO Exothermically Welded Connection.

This brand continues to maintain their reputation for electrically superior connections that will not loosen, break or corrode in any environment. They are frequently used in the telecommunications industry.

Cadweld molds require no maintenance and no resistance over time, ensuring that you have a continuous optimal grounding path.

At ETS Cable Components we have an extensive range of high quality graphite molds in a variety of sizes. In fact, we have so many, it would be impossible to display them all on the website!

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