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Substation Earthing Systems

Substation Earthing Systems

When lightning strikes, are you prepared for the storm? Are your equipment and structure at risk?

If you need a company that specialises in products for substation earthing systems, ETS Cable Components can help.

Reliable protection of structures demands a systematic and comprehensive approach, with places like air terminals needing a dependable route to the ground. Other high risk locations include power stations; transformer stations; drilling rigs; grain storage and factories specialising in certain chemicals, like flammable liquids.

Because lightning is an unpredictable phenomenon, it can be particularly dangerous.

Currently there is no known technology for preventing the occurrence of a lightning discharge, but there are lightning protection systems that can make a huge difference to the amount of damage.

Although no single technology can eliminate the harmful effects of lightning, there are earthing systems that can reduce the harm done. Substation earthing systems can capture the lightning strike, while conveying energy to the ground. They can also dissipate energy, bond ground points together, protect incoming AC feeders and protect low-voltage data/telecommunication circuits.

A holistic and co-ordinated approach is often the best way to deliver lightning protection.

ETS Cable Components have a range of products to protect critical systems and buildings in the event of a lightning strike.

Our Earthing and Lightning Protection includes Earth Bars, Copper Bonded Rods, Solid Copper Earth Rods, Earthing Rod Clamps, Earthing Tapes, Lattice Copper Earth Maps, Flexible Braids, Ground Enhancement Materials, Earthing Inspection Pits, Earthing Accessories and Stranded Copper Conductors.

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