Strong & Easy To Apply Cable Ties

Strong & Easy To Apply Cable Ties

Strong & Easy To Apply Cable Ties

If you’re seeking the best selection of power cable accessories for the rail or industrial sector, you’ll find ETS Cable Components have a massive range to choose from, including Nylon Cable Ties and Accessories and Stainless Steel Cable Ties.

Cable ties are sold in packs of 100, making it easier than ever to order in bulk; when ordering all you need to do is specify the quantity in hundreds.

Available as standard, heavy and extra heavy-duty variants, our stainless-steel cable ties can be either polyester coated or uncoated. If you need heavy-duty cable ties suitable for outdoor use, the Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Rollerball Ties could be ideal as they offer resistance to a wide variety of chemicals.

Since they contain up to 3% molybdenum, they provide excellent corrosion resistance against industrial chemicals, solvents and chlorides.

Cable Ties with excellent chemical, solvent and oil resistance.

Among our Nylon Cable Ties are the Zero Halogen Cable Ties manufactured from UV stabilised LSF Zero Halogen (LSZH) black nylon 66, with a working temperature of -40oC and +85oC.

Offering high strength and rigidity, they have been manufactured to US military specifications and have an excellent flammability rating. All our cable ties are available in a wide choice of lengths according to your unique requirements.

For further information on our range of Cable Ties or other power cable accessories, please contact us on +44 (0)20 8405 6789 or email We’re here to help!