Strong And Reliable Trefoil Cleats

Strong And Reliable Trefoil Cleats

Strong & Reliable Trefoil Cleats

At ETS Cable Components we have a wide range of cable cleats suitable for a variety of conditions, including 3-way Trefoil Cable Cleats made in the finest aluminium or stainless steel, with many products suitable for the harshest environments.

Among our range of Trefoil Cleats is the Alpha Aluminium Cleat which has a unique design which allows for a speedy installation. It is also manufactured from extruded aluminium making it both lighter and stronger than traditional cast aluminium cleats. Designed for use within industrial and commercial installations, it has a strong and robust design which resists brittleness and failures, with no hidden defects from casting processes.

This cable cleat can easily be attached to cable ladder rungs or 41mm wide steel channels with the use of a Trefoil cleat fixing kit.

For harsher environments or for higher short circuit withstand requirements, we also have the Emperor Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleat which is also exceptionally strong and designed for tougher environments, including on-shore and off-shore windfarm installations.

This product conforms to the London Underground Engineering Standard 1-085, Product Approval Register No: 362. It also meets the International Standard IEC 61914:2009 and is renowned for being the de-facto trefoil cleat for single-core cables up to 132kV.

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