Strong And Reliable Denso Tape

Strong And Reliable Denso Tape

Denso Tape

Denso tape has been around for over 75 years and the company have a proven track record with their customers.

This British company produce a wide range of specialised pipe and structural coatings, including their corrosion tapes, wraps and putty, all of which are available at ETS Cable Components.

Common applications for their tapes include steel pipelines, valves, fittings, structural steelwork, steel or concrete tanks, and concrete bunded areas. In short, they’re ideal for any manner of corrosive environments.

ETS Cable Components have both DENSO Corrosion Protection Inner-Wrap and Outer-Wrap Tapes at highly competitive prices.

Composed of non-woven synthetic, DENSO Corrosion Inner Wrap Tapes are designed to withstand even the most extreme temperatures, whether it’s sub-zero temperatures or sweltering tropical rainforests. This is because they are impregnated with a neutral compound based on saturated petrol and inert silicone fillers.

Meanwhile, their yellow and black Outer-Wrap PVC tapes are highly impermeable to water along with water vapour, along with providing long-term resistance to UV light, sea water, acids, alkalis and oils.

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