Stockist And Distributor Of 3M Electrical Tape

Stockist And Distributor Of 3M Electrical Tape

3M Electrical Tape

Providing dependable insulation, moisture seals, mechanical protection and colour coding, 3M Electrical Tapes and Mastics are an essential addition to any tool box.

At ETS Cable Components we have a wide selection of Scotch 3M MV tapes which are designed to go with our MV termination kits.

Our range includes 3M Scotch 45 BK Electrical Tape which can cover a wide range of applications, including cable bundling, bundling of coils and other uses where high tensile strength is needed. Made with a polyester/glass backing, it therefore has excellent electrical and physical characteristics. It is coated with a pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive system, to make it as reliable as possible.

Whether you need to protect cables or metal pipes against corrosion, we could have 3M tape for your equipment.

Among our range is also the 3M Semi-Conductive Rubber Tape which is made from highly conforming and semi-conducting EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) based high-voltage splicing tape

Our selection include the Scotchrap Corrosion Protection Tape which is a tough PVC-based material, with special high rack adhesives which is ideal for resisting corrosion on metal piping systems.

ETS Cable Components can carry out 24-hour next day deliveries on most of our products. A nationwide distributor of cable accessories, we’ve been carrying out this type of service for over 29 years.

For more information, simply explore our range of 3M electrical tape today.