Searching For The Best Battery Operated Crimpers? Consider Cembre

Searching For The Best Battery Operated Crimpers? Consider Cembre

Battery Crimpers

When looking for battery operated crimping tools, one of the most recognised manufacturers is Cembre, which is a brand that ETS Cable Components has worked with for many years.

Cembre are now one of the leading manufacturers of electrical compression connectors and related installation tooling. Highly innovative, the brand aims to make products which are simpler, safer and more comfortable to use, as well as more efficient.

Cembre’s crimping tools are made to protect electrical engineers and cable jointers against accidental contact with live energised conductors. Furthermore, they are balanced for ease of use with double speed crimping action.

Along with a huge manufacturing plant in Italy, the brand also has development facilities near Birmingham in the UK.

At ETS Cable Components we stock and distribute a range of Cembre battery crimpers and cutters, for faster and more precision single handed precision crimping.

Cembre has transformed the process of cable crimping with their battery-operated devices, delivering a faster and single-handed way of working. Their battery crimping tools are also quiet when in operation with limited vibration.

Among our range is the Cembre B1350-CE Battery Operated Crimping Tool (10-400mm2), which is one of the new generation of hydraulic crimpers. This battery crimper has many fantastic features, including:

• A 132kN crimping force, which is designed to accept all semi-circular slotted die sets common to the Cembre 130kN tooling range.

• A steady, powerful speed for crimping.

• LED lights to illuminate the area where you’re working.

• A new OLED display and touch button.

• A revitalised crimping system with double-speed action.

View our range of battery crimpers at ETS Cable Components which are available for purchase or hire.