Searching for Plastic Clips for Copper Tape?

Searching for Plastic Clips for Copper Tape?

Copper is exceptionally useful for lightning protection, thanks to its incredible thermal and electrical conductivity. As copper is soft and malleable, electrons can move freely through the metal, which is why it’s often used for wiring. It is also extremely ductile, so it can be drawn out into a thin wire.

Copper is also extremely weatherproof and corrosion resistant. The metal comes with these qualities even in its most basic form, being one of the few metals in nature that is directly usable.

Therefore, copper is ideal for components in earthing and lightning protection, such as busbars and the manufacture of earth bars.

Are you looking to purchase clips for copper tape?

At ETS Cable Components we have a massive range of products for electrical and lightning protection, including copper bonded earth rods, solid copper earth rods, earthing tapes and clips for copper tape. You’ll discover everything you need to protect critical systems and buildings in the event of an over-voltage lightning strike.

These Plastic Tape Clips are manufactured from high grade polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer which has high levels of thermal expansion. It is also UV stabilised to protect against degradation from sunlight, and non-brittle to prevent cold weather damage.

These clips are ideal for bare copper tape, aluminium and served earthing tapes. The design of these clips is also highly practical: they have an integral hinged lid, suitable for no.10 screw fixing to walls.

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