Searching A Supplier Of Cable Marking Machines?

Searching A Supplier Of Cable Marking Machines?

Cable Marking Machines

Are you looking to invest in an on-site cable marking machine? Would you like to eliminate the need to wait for the delivery of bespoke labels?

When it comes to identifying cables, you need to be able to do it quickly and efficiently with as little fuss as possible. Above all you want the process to be safe for your staff.

Whatever environment you work in or the situation you have, you’ll need a cable marking system that’s made from the correct materials. For example, heat shrink cable markers are ideal for those working in extreme temperatures of between -55°C up to +135°C and are also highly secure, since the tubing shrinks to fit around the cables.

Having a cable marking machine on your construction site, means that you can produce labels whenever required, without delay. ETS Cable Component have a range of products to make this easier, including a selection of cable labelling, marking and identification products.

Among our range is the Cembre MARKINGenius 3 – MG3, which satisfies all requirements for equipment identification in the electrical industry.

Suitable for producing markers for cables, terminals, push buttons and more, this cable marking machine is a high resolution printer, based on thermal transfer technology. With this device, you’ll have more than 150,000 cable tags with no maintenance required.

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