Quick and Easy Cable Identification

Quick and Easy Cable Identification

As with any identification system, cable markers are there to make your job easier, quicker and when you’re working with electricals, much less dangerous.

At ETS Cable Components we can offer all the products needed to make cables easy to label so they are instantly identifiable, with our catalogue including K type and Z type markers for cables of various sizes.

Among our range of products are pre-filled kits to complement the standard range of loose markers, such as this Size 1 Cable Marker Kit which is designed to fit 0.75-4.0mm2 conductors and comes supplied with all figures in black and white along with a PUJ40 application thimble.

Since it includes an incredible 500 cable components, this is an excellent long-term investment for anybody whose work involves installing cables.

Along with our cable label, marking and identification products, we also have a range of insulating rubber matting and sheeting, such as this Rubber Switchgear Matting which is suitable for a range of MV applications up to 36kV.

You can enjoy 24-hour next day deliveries on all our products, including our cable markers. Why not check out our products for cable identification today?

Or for any enquiries, simply get in touch with our team on +44 (0) 20 8405 6789 or email sales@etscablecomponents.com. Our friendly team are always happy to track down the products you need.