Quality Cable Glands For The Industrial Sector

Quality Cable Glands For The Industrial Sector

ETS Industrial Glands

No matter how hazardous the conditions you work in, ETS Cable Components have industrial glands designed to suit a wide range of applications, including those from top brands CMP Products and Hawke International.

Hawke International is a market leading manufacturer of cable glands who produce a range of heavy industrial compression seal conduit cable glands. This brand’s first ever cable glands were produced in 1957 and they’ve been specialising in cutting-edge connection solutions for over 60 years now.

CMP also produce a wide range of electrical cable glands, including industrial and general purpose products- from those for explosive atmospheres to glands for the mining sector. Their cable glands suit EC, NEC and CEC wiring codes and can be used for a wide range of applications.

High quality glands for all sorts of cable types.

Our extensive range of brass and aluminium cable glands include Explosion Proof Cable Glands which are ideal for hazardous areas that need a gas-tight compound barrier around the cable cores.

We also have Highways Agency Cable Glands which are ideal for use on motorway lighting and information signs in the UK. They can be used in industrial and commercial environments where termination space is limited.

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