Purchase Quality Cable Lugs

Purchase Quality Cable Lugs

Used to provide a safe electrical connection, Cable Lugs are a small component in the cable termination process, but a properly installed terminal makes a big difference. For further information on best crimping practise, take a look at our blog article Crimping Practices.

At ETS Cable Components, we have a huge range of Cable Lugs

These include copper; aluminium; bi-metallic; pre-insulated and mechanical lugs, for both low and medium voltage applications.

An example of a very versatile lug to suit many applications, is the range of Pfisterer SICON Mechanical Cable Terminals. These have been designed for use with all Medium Voltage (MV) cables between 11kV – 33kV, including both solid and stranded conductors, in aluminium or copper. Mineral insulated solid copper cables (MICC) are also accepted by the SICON terminal range.

ETS Cable Components also supply Single Bolt Cembre 11-33kV Bi-Metallic Cable Lugs. These solid shaped cable lugs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations, and suitable for all applications up to 36kV. The barrels are also filled with grease and capped to avoid oxidation of the aluminium, ensuring durability and longevity.

We offer an extensive range of Cable Lugs.  For advice on the most suitable lug for your cable termination, please feel free to contact us on 020 8405 6789 or contact us via sales@etscablecomponents.com