Protect Your Building With Electrical Earthing Products

Protect Your Building With Electrical Earthing Products

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Looking to safeguard your building with electrical earthing products?

Around 100 lightning strikes hit the earth every second, and they can carry up to one billion volts of electricity. As might be imagined, the effects of this can be lethal: it can put both your personnel and the structure of your building at risk.

When lightning strikes a building, significant amounts of damage can be caused. Firstly, it can set off a fire which is particularly dangerous if the blaze starts in the upper reaches of a building. Secondly, it can cause power surge damage if the lightning uses electrical wiring as a primary or secondary path. A shock wave can shatter glass and even crack concrete.

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Ensuring your property is fully protected

Despite popular belief, lightning is not attracted to metal, but rather to tall and pointy shapes; the Empire State Building is hit around 23 times a year due to its antenna.

It is important that when lightning does strike, any building that is hit can capture the strike and guide the energy safely through the earthing system and into the ground rod rather than passing through the structure.

Our range of Electrical Earthing Products.

ETS stock a wide range of Electrical Earthing Products from top manufacturers including ERICO, AN Wallis, Furse and Kingsmill Industries. These manufacturers are leaders in the design and construction of lightning and earthing protection systems, so you can be safe in the knowledge that all our products are of the highest quality.

Our Copper Bonded Earth Rods are corrosion resistant and are the most cost-effective at achieving a low-resistance path to earth.

We also have an array of Earthing Tape Clamps and Bonds available, including the BIM 253 – Bi-Metallic Tape Connector and Square Tape Clamps, which are made from both gunmetal and aluminium, and suitable for creating four-way connections or T-joints.

View our range of Electrical Earthing Products today or call us on 020 8405 6789 to discuss your project requirements.

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