Products for Substation Earthing Systems

Products for Substation Earthing Systems

Thanks to the latest heatwave, the risk of lightning is extremely high this summer. At the end of June the Met Office even issued the first ever thunderstorm warning since they overhauled their system.

Whether you need products for a low, medium or high voltage substation system, ETS Cable Components have a huge range of products for Earthing and Lightning Protection at competitive prices and available to order online.

The word ‘substation’ harks back from the days before distribution systems became a grid. Now it means a part of an electrical generation, transmission and distribution system.

A nationwide distributor, ETS Cable Components offer 24-hour next day deliveries for all our products.

Among our range you’ll find earth bars, copper bonder earth rods, earthing rod clamps,  ground enhancement materials and much more.  In short, all the equipment needed to reduce the high voltage of electrical transmissions.

We also have Lattice Copper Earth Mats which are much more affordable than solid earth plates and provide a long-lasting, reliable earthing solution. It will provide reliable earthing in high fault-current applications and covers a wide surface area.

We also have Traditional Inspection Pit and Earth Bars which has an integral lifting eye and slots to enable an integral earth bar to be fitted. 

If you need help with our earthing and lightning products, simply contact our team today.

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