Products For First-Class Lightning Protection

Products For First-Class Lightning Protection

ETS Lightning Protection

When creating a lightning protection plan, there are many fundamental disciplines to consider for the reliable protection of structures, industrial and commercial operations.

Firstly, equipment should capture the lightning strike, then convey this energy to the ground. It should also dissipate this energy into the grounding system and bond all ground points. Additionally, it’s extremely important to protect incoming AC power feeders and protect low-voltage data/telecommunications circuits.

Lightning is a highly unpredictable phenomenon, but in a world of complex and sophisticated buildings, you want protection that treats it as a constant risk. After all, at worse, lightning can start fires, cause major breakdowns, and lead to a significant loss in revenue. Even a single strike can result in the physical damage of a building.

The highest point of a facility is most vulnerable to a direct lightning strike, and usually needs the most protection.

A small number of lightning flashes contain a positive charge, and much more dangerous than their negative counterparts. Without proper protection of this type of lightning energy, the damage can be catastrophic. Around 10% of lightning strikes are positive- so while they might be rare, they are lethal.

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At ETS Cable Components we sell a range of Earthing and Lightning Protection products, which will protect the critical systems and buildings in event of over-voltage lightning strikes.

Our range of lightning protection includes Earth Bars, Copper Bonded Earth Rods, Solid Copper Earth Rods, Lattice Copper Earth Mats, Ground Enhancement Materials, Earthing Inspection Pits, and more.

View our range of Earthing and Lightning Protection today.

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