Products for Earthing and Lightning Protection

Products for Earthing and Lightning Protection

Products for Earthing and Lightning Protection

Did you know positive lightning strikes are five times more powerful than negative ones?

Most lightning strikes average at 2-3 miles long and carry a powerful current of 10000 Amps at 100 million volts, which can exert a huge amount of damage. This amount of energy is so strong it could power a 100 watt light bulb for 90 days!

It is no wonder that lightning protection is so important for higher buildings. Unfortunately, the old adage ‘lightning only strikes once’ is a myth: the Empire State building, for example, was once struck 8 times in 24 minutes.

Lightning is most attracted to tall buildings which provide the quickest route to earth and the Empire State building certainly fits the bill. Fortunately, like most buildings of this height, it has the best lightning protection available.

We can help make sure your building is properly equipped.

At ETS Cable Components we have a wide range of products for earthing and lightning protection, including Earth Bars, Copper Bonded Earth Rods, Earthing Rod Clamps, Lattice Copper Earth Mats, Flexible Braids, Ground Enhancement Materials and Earthing Inspection Kits.

Our Earth Bars are available in a wide choice of styles, including those without links, disconnectible links, and insulator accessories.

A nationwide distributor of power cable accessories, ETS Cable Components has been in the industry over 29 years and can offer all the advice needed on any of our products.

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