Product Specialists In Electrical Earthing Products

Product Specialists In Electrical Earthing Products

ETS Electrical Earthing

Does your building require an electrical earthing system? ETS Cable Component have the best quality products for creating this kind of system.

Earthing is designed to keep everybody safe and provide a path for a fault current to flow to earth. This type of system should also cause the protective device (a circuit breaker or fuse) to switch off an electrical current to the circuit that has a fault.

ETS Cable Components have many products that are designed to protect a building in the event of an over voltage lightning strike, including:

  • Earth Bars with and without links, including those which can be custom made. We offer a bespoke earth bar manufacturing service and our products are used in many high profile commercial projects all over the world.
  • Copper bonded earth rods and accessories, including those from top brand Erico and those made of solid copper.
  • Earthing rods, clamps and bonds.
  • Lattice Copper Earth Mats which provide reliable earth in high fault current applications and cover a wide surface area.
  • Earthing inspection pits which include those made of concrete.

All our electrical earthing products are offered at highly competitive prices and our product specialists are always happy to offer advice.

For more information, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

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