Powerful Corrosion Protection with Denso Tape

Powerful Corrosion Protection with Denso Tape

Powerful Corrosion Protection with Denso Tape

Denso tape can offer exceptional on-site anti-corrosion protection for gas, water and oil pipes. Denso was the first petroleum tape manufactured in the UK and remains one of the best for protecting your pipes.

At ETS Cable Components we offer a range of Denso Tape at highly competitive prices, including Corrosion Protection Inner-Wrap Tapes which are composed of a non-woven synthetic fabric carrier, fully impregnated with a neutral compound based on saturated petroleum and inert siliceous fillers.

This type of tape is available as either LT, a low temperature tape which provides long-term protection to installations in cold environments, or Densyl, petrolatum tape suitable to protect pipes in tropical climates where water, moisture and high temperatures can be a problem.

Protect your petroleum tape with a highly effective overwrap.

ETS Cable Components also have DENSO Corrosion Protection Outer-Wrap Tapes which are available in either yellow or black and perfect for using as a protective overwrap for DENSO petrolatum tape.

This PVC tape is highly impermeable to water and water vapour, along with oils, acids and alkalis. It is also excellent for protecting your pipes from UV light.

With 30 years’ experience in supplying to the trade, ETS Cable Components have the product and industry knowledge to assist with your projects, offering products at the best possible pricing. Contact us today on +44 (0) 20 8405 6789 or email sales@etscablecomponents.com with your enquiries.