Power Cable Accessories For Terminals

Power Cable Accessories For Terminals

ETS Power Cable Accessories For Terminals

As you’ll be aware, the quality of a connection between a cable and a terminal is highly important. As the point of connection to external circuits, it is essential everything is fixed in place securely and safely.

At ETS Cable Components our products include a range of cable lugs and connectors, including LV-MV crimp lugs, mechanical connectors and terminals to suit both copper and aluminium conductors.

Products include those from both Cembre and SICON, two of the most renowned brands for cable terminals.

Among our range, you’ll find LV mechanical shearbolt terminals and connectors designed to suit various conductor materials and sizes. Our high-quality products include Cembre 11-33kV Bi-Metallic Cable Lugs which are designed for use with stranded aluminium conductors.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor connections, these cable lugs are suitable for all applications up to 36kV.

Our products also include Nexans GPH connectors which are brilliant for medium voltage connections and can help reduce assembly time by allowing the use of standard tools for installation.

Extremely versatile and flexible, Nexans GPH connectors are suitable for copper and aluminium wires, both solid and multi-wired. Nexans GPH connectors and lugs can be installed extremely quickly and easily, providing you have the correct wrench.

With over 5000 products in stock, ETS Cable Components supply cable jointing, termination and installation materials to a wide range of industries, including the hazardous markets. Contact us now on 020 8405 6789 or email: sales@etscablecomponents.com with your project enquiries, we’re always happy to help.