Our Wide Range Of Industrial Cable Glands

Our Wide Range Of Industrial Cable Glands

Industrial Cable Glands

Are you looking for cable glands for your project?

With an array of thread forms, materials and sizes, ETS Cable Components stock an extensive selection of cable glands suitable for a variety of installations. CMP and Hawke International are among the top manufacturers that we are official stockists and distributors of. For a full list click here.

From CMP, we have a selection of standard PVC-shrouded industrial brass cable glands for a wide variety of installations. We also supply LSF Industrial Cable Glands that are made from brass and feature low smoke and fume (LSF) components to prevent toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

All products in our CMP range conform to the prevailing industrial standards, including EN 62444, IEC 62444 and BS6121: Part 1:1989.

Within our Hawke range, we offer cable glands for hazardous and industrial areas like the weatherproof 153/RAC Brass Industrial Cable Glands for armoured cable types. These cable glands provide an IP66 environmental seal on the cable inner and outer sheaths and three part armour wire termination.

We supply cable glands that can be used by many different industries with all products manufactured to the highest standards.

Our Industrial Cable Glands include those suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

For those who are installing cables in harsher environments, we supply Submersible Cable Glands which are not only submersible, but explosion proof too. They provide deluge protection up to IP68, and are suitable for armoured or unarmoured cables.

Contact us to discuss your project needs on 020 8405 6789 or email sales@etscablecomponents.com.

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