Our Resin Joint Supplies

Our Resin Joint Supplies

Resin Filled Joints

Are you looking to purchase premium range LV Resin Filled Straight Cable Joints?

If you’re looking for reliable suppliers in the UK, ETS Cable Components have a range of resin joints including those from 3M: a science-based technology company who have developed a new generation of low voltage cable jointing products.

3M have produced their new LV resin cable joints to make the installation process much simpler, quicker and safer. Their LV Inline Resin and Branch Resin Joints use innovative mould body designs and delivery systems, to make your life easier.

If you work in hazardous areas, our resin joints supplies include the 3M Scotch Hazardous Area Straight Cable Joint, which is both flame-retardant and hydrocarbon-resistant, along with being halogen free.

These 3M Resin Joints are designed for use with both single-core and multi-core armoured power cables up to 3.3kV. They are suitable for use with both AWA and SWA armoured power cables, and have a high performance 2-part polyurethane 1402F-R Hazardous Area resin system.

Featuring a totally enclosed resin mixing system, they are suitable for use in areas of high soil contamination and ATEX-rated Hazardous Areas.

Why choose ETS Cable Components for your joint supplies?

ETS are official suppliers and distributors of power cable accessories including cable joints, all of which are of the highest quality and from reliable manufacturers like 3M and Birkett. Additionally, we have carried out research over the years to ensure quality standards are adhered to.

You will be in safe hands with ETS as your UK supplier, call us on 020 8405 6789 with your enquiries.

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