Our Range Of Electrical Earthing Products

Our Range Of Electrical Earthing Products

Electrical Earthing Products

Do you need electrical earthing products to protect your equipment?

Storms are increasingly common in hot weather and it’s important your critical systems are protected from lightning. Globally there are roughly 44 lightning strikes every second, with one in five flashes cloud-to-ground.

Thunderstorms develop when the air is unstable and are more common summer because there’s more sunshine and therefore more energy. High humidity combined with warm temperatures creates warm, moist air rising, which often leads to summer storms.

Without proper electrical earthing systems, lightning can cause a fire when it hits your buildings, which is obviously highly dangerous.

Protect your building in event of over-voltage lightning strikes.

ETS Cable Components offer a range of electrical earthing products that are ideal for protecting either buildings or critical systems, including Earth Bars, Copper Bonded Earth Rods, Lattice Copper Earth Mats, and Earthing Inspection Kits.

Our Earth Bars come in many different forms, including those without links and those with twin disconnectible links. Among our ground enhancement materials you’ll find Marconite Conductive Concrete and Bentonite Moisture Retaining Clay, which is used as an earthing back-fill on installed earth rods or mats.

If you need advice on our electrical earthing products, our team are always keen to help. For more information simply get in touch today on 020 8405 6789.