Our Range Of Brass Cable Glands

Our Range Of Brass Cable Glands

Brass Cable Glands

Often defined as ‘mechanical cable entry devices’, cable glands are there to protect electrical equipment and enclosures. They can be constructed from both metallic and non-metallic materials, including brass.

As you’re probably aware, there are various types of cable glands including BW, CW and E1W, all of which can be ordered at ETS Cable Components.

More about the different types of cable glands.

The BW type of cable gland is ideal for indoor use in dry conditions and can be used with all types of plastic or rubber sheathed cables. Take for example the BW Indoor Brass Cable Gland which provide mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity of the cables armouring.

Meanwhile, the CW cable gland is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, along with various types of cables – whether sheathed or unsheathed. At ETS Cable Components our products include the CW LSF Cable Gland for use with all low smoke and fume sheathed SWA cables. Similarly, the CXT Brass Cable Gland is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The E1W type cable gland is weatherproof and waterproof and known for being highly reliable even in the harshest conditions. You also have the A1/A1 type which is ideal for use with unarmoured or rubber sheathed cables.

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