Our Extensive Range of Cembre Lugs

Our Extensive Range of Cembre Lugs

our range of cembre lugs

Do you need to order cable lugs which guarantee the optimal ductility necessary for copper conductors?

Choose Italian brand Cembre: one of the largest European manufacturers of electrical compression conductors and installation tooling, and one of the many top brands we stock at ETS Cable Components.

Cembre lugs are guaranteed to resist severe deformations when compressed and still provide reliable connections even when withstanding vibrations or bending of the palm.

Their lugs are electrolytically tin plated to avoid oxidation and have a barrel length that is designed to allow accurate and easy positioning. Their A-M series lugs conform to all UNI EN 13600:2003 and are designed to provide the most efficient electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.

ETS Cable Components is a trusted supplier and distributor of Cembre electrical connectors, installation tooling and equipment, including LV-MV crimp lugs, mechanical connectors and terminals to suit both copper and aluminium conductors.

Among our range of products, you’ll also find Cembre LV Cable Lugs in a vast selection of sizes and stud hole combinations.

We offer a wide selection of Cembre compression connectors, lugs and splices suitable for use on LV-HV copper and aluminium cables up to 33kV. ETS Cable Components also have a collection of cable lugs and connectors from Pfisterer SICON.

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