Order High-Quality Gland Insulating Kits

Order High-Quality Gland Insulating Kits

Cable Glands


Cable glands are attached and secured to the end of an electrical cable and the device it’s attached to, providing earthing, grounding, insulation, bonding and strain relief.

When identifying which cable glands you need, it’s best to consider whether they will be used indoors or outdoors. You also need to consider whether it will be used in a safe industrial zone, or a hazardous or explosive environment.

It’s important to take into account the temperature and whether it’s constant or not, along with whether the surrounding area is damp or dusty. You should also consider whether there are any gases or corrosive materials nearby.

There are two types of cable glands: those which are armoured and unarmoured, with the armoured offering more protection. Gland insulating is useful for providing even more protection when needed.

Do your cable glands need to be insulated from the equipment entry or do they need a dedicated earthing facility?

ETS Cable Components not only has a wide range of cable glands to choose from but kits which are designed for use with heat shrink (top hat) glands. They are designed for instances where the gland body needs to be insulated from the equipment, or a separate earth facility is required.

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